WHITE WITCH are back to treat us to another helping of space madness and,
admittedly, metal mayhem.

(1) WE'LL ALL RIDE HIGH (money bags) Here we go again, Is this really one vocalist? The
song starts off with the Ronn that we became familiar with in previous songs such as
"Jackson Slade"
but out of nowhere this new vocal thing happens,
The sound is somewhat  reminiscent of when you get that soft drink
phlegm web in the back of your throat and your phlegm web in the back of your
throat and your  voice sounds temporarily laminated, if that makes since. I admit, I
was really put off by it when I first heard it as a teen. I had visions of Steven Tyler
suddenly being possessed by the spirit of Jim Nabors. I have since recovered from
such visions, so please, spare me your concern.
On the more flattering side, I found the theatrical potential of this piece, fueled by
the lyrics, very reminiscent of the KINKS, PRESERVATION ACT 2. I also love the
instrumental thing that starts to happen right as the song fades out.

(2) SLICK WITCH  The" oh yea" that Mr.G lays on us at the beginning of this one made
me think, oh no.. not the phlegm
thing again, but be assured, he dismisses it never to be heard again on the rest of the
disk. This song sounds a lot like the type of song that was written for the purpose of live
shows. Often what would happen with bands who put out great produced work is that
they were faced with the chore of reproducing it live. I do not know if this was the
case with WHITE WITCH . Sadly, I have never seen them live. However, we are 2 tracks
into this LP and I am starting to think. yes... I close my eyes... I do see them performing
live. As a matter of fact, I am at a rock fest all of a sudden... What was that Ronn just
yelled? Lollapalooza!!
OK , this is fun but I was expecting a space ride not a rock concert... but since when
did WHITE WITCH give us what we expected? I do love the part of the song that
breaks down to "Hey fine chimes won't you look at the times". The one thing you can
expect from all of their songs... a great hook!

Bill Peterson  & Captain Ronn
No other band would mix these varied styles on one disk except the BEATLES,... and
they had to earn that freedom by playing musical twister with the teeny bop cult.
This song alone reveals, Ronn is not just a singer, he is tapped into the creative,
universal consciousness and he is channeling like some mystic guru. His face takes on
the form of Paul McCartney and transforms into Ray Davies without a hint of effort.
Even if most vocalist can do this it must be pointed out, THEY DO NOT!

I think Ronn had the rare ability to deliver a vast assortment of styles without ever
sounding like a rip-off or a rock mime and in doing this , he paid the price by remaining
a cult figure cloaked in obscurity and you know why? The record companies think you
are an idiot! They do not think you will like something unless it can be categorized and
guess what.? You can't comfortably categorize this band! This song ,against the rest
of their work, is a fine example. I will tell you that the melody is McCARTNEY-ish, the
keyboards get a bit PENNY LANE-ish, the breakdown is KINKS (Lola vs power man era)
....But truth be known, there are aspects of this song that are still unfolding.

(4) CLASS OF 2000- The lights go down, Ronn G turns to face the crowd, his face
glowing , sprinkled with moondust.
Captain Ronn gives us a wink and a half smile and says.... OK friends, let's go to outer
space, YES! I love any song that while taking you on a futuristic space ride, the
Captain leans over to you and points out Uranus!! A comfortable humor is present in
this one giving the listener/passenger the feeling that Captain Ronn is not only a
Captain but an old friend.
      Now lets turn over and float through SIDE B of "A SPIRITUAL GREETING"

(5) SHOWDOWN- OK, There may be a slight STYX sound on the keys but I am sure that
its just the normally tasteful BUDDY PENDERGRASS trying to keep the boys in the ROCK
N ROLL race.

Charlie Souza   Buddy P  &  Bobby
Another sing along which again, lends to the live performance syndrome. The lyrics
even leaned to the live syndrome, you know, the whole western thing running parallel
to life on the road. example: "Traveling in a covered wagon" (Tour Bus or Van
depending on their budget) ".Living is easy out on the plains" (Life on the road, hotels,
fast food) "Black Bart and the boys are hot" (Ronn and the WITCH) you get the
picture. Not one of my favorite pieces but definitely one of Axle's. SORRY! I am trying
not to mention him on this one.

This may be the best song they ever wrote and it is without a question one of the
greatest acoustic space songs ever written! Right up there with BOWIE'S "SPACE
ODDITY". This is the reason you buy this LP. This is one of the reasons I put this page
together, and if Ronn would put out an acoustic space lp, that was in this flavor,
today! he would surpass & shock all of his peers once again and sweep a new
generation of listeners under his wing and remain in flight where he belongs.

(7) BLACK WIDOW LOVER-  A catchy mid tempo song that is easily over looked upon
first listen, dew only to the song that precedes it. Upon repeated listens however, it
really starts to work its way into the echo chamber of  the mind, one of those songs
you sing to your self and it takes you a little while to identify its origins.
I really got hooked on the "Hey Rufus I'm Calling Your #" part only to reveal that the #
is 666. That part along with the title would have you thinking it was a dark metal piece
but as you should know by
now, WHITE WITCH do things their own way.

(8) AUNTIE CHRISTY (Harlow)-  I was 15, my bedroom lights were out , the head phones
were on and the WITCH were keeping me company until this song came on... uh... I
think I will turn on the lights now. Being raised to be a preacher in the bible belt, or
even more accurately "THE BIBLE BELT BUCKLE", this song really put the chills on. The
dark bible passages and the over all reference to the anti-christ ..whew, It caused
nothing less than a manifestation of the horror images of the book of Revelations, of
course looking back, so did GODZILLA. The fear seems silly now but I love the reminder
of the power of perception.

Oh yea, I love that part when Captain Ronn screams CHRIST!!!!!! All the stadium
rockers of the late 70s - the late 80s took that very spirit and hammered it into a
This song descends into " Harlow", a catchy little '60s BEATLE back up to Captain Ronn
signing off for his last time as A WITCH, still haunting the joint like he did when he first
arrived. Ah , do not worry my friends, for there is more to come as we now move on to
the post WHITE WITCH years.