(Side A)
1- YOUR LOVE- This first song starts off with a "Born To Be Wild" bass line and a post Ian Hunter Mott The
Hoople guitar rock feel. Of course, all of this is the mere skeleton the ghost that animates this piece is RON
GOEDERT our far out space friend. His vocal style on this one is one of familiarity recalling the heavier cuts
from both witch LPs. However, he is throwing in a little mix bag vocal inflections which causes me to
visualize a sound Elvis himself would have made if he had died by fire! as opposed to heart burn. He even
serves up a few wooo's that is the signature of Little Richard/ Early Beatles Needless to say, this is a
2- BREAKING ALL THE RULES- One of my expert sources told me that he saw White Witch back in 1976
and Ron had announced that they were going to be playing some new material that should be on their
already recorded 3rd LP!! What happened?! My source went on to say that the music was some of  the
most Beatles pop sounding stuff that he had ever heard them do! Perhaps this song was a left
over from that lost LP.
3- BRING IT ON- Freaky, Ron takes us on a futuristic shopping adventure where he introduces us to a
strange new device that sees to our every need. Musically, this one is a reminder of WW's classic "WALK
ON" but a bit more up tempo. At one point in this song Ron starts to talk, when I first heard this my reaction
was embarrassment, but now I find it endearing in the since that it adds all the more to the insanity of this
man's genius.
4- OC'S INTRO- Perhaps at some point the new guitarist JERRY RUNYAN said "Hey space
boy! if your going to wear those pants that's one thing but if you make me wear this skin tight
body suite that makes me look like the high bidder at an auction of SLADE'S old hand me
downs... I'm walking!" To which Ron replies " You mean you are going to split before you
record your guitar solo cut!" Maybe that never happened but I can think of no other reasons
for this cut. Well, Maybe Ron just wanted to show off his new gun slinger.
5- WOMAN- Heavy funky groove that for some reason makes me wonder if LENNY KRAVITZ is hip to
Mr.Goedert. I know Lenny would love to have his pants anyway. I dig the raw production on this, that's part of
what reminds me of Lenny.
6- DARK IN THE OLD CHURCH- Yes!!!! Ron is inviting us back aboard his rocket ship and off  to space we go! This one tells us of alien
contact, the little men in the field, the space ship on the roof, the toys in his room coming to life he even tells us of his space friends. This
could be Ron's STARMAN (Bowie). This marching space classic also goes chameleon on us and changes to a far out space jazz jam.
The only thing missing here is BUDDY PENDERGRASS laying down some far out space key's. This is a great song! …and a fine way to
end side A.
7- BACKBONE- Heavy paced bass driven song that has that dirty CBGB's sound. Ron is definitely in his Rock God mode on this one,
delivering this funky vocal that again, reminds me of LENNY KRAVITZ and yes I admit, Axle (Ron's ugly little cousin) Rose. At this point I
will apologize for my harsh attack on Mr. Rose. Some of you may like him but I have this thing about him. I used to play White Witch to
some of my musician friends and they were harsh, saying things like "Naaaa, man, this dude whines too much, he needs to open his
throat" Then these same people come to me with "Hey man, check out Guns & Roses! I get up around 7 get out of bed around 9"
AAAARRRGHHHH!!!!. I hate that! Goedert was a genius Axle sounds like a pissed off drunk Ethyl Mermen! Sorry.
8-I CAN GIVE IN- One of the catchiest songs on the LP. Reminds me of the new wave influenced music that the KINKS went on to do a
few years later. I am so impressed with what this man has done musically that I am dying to know what music he has that none of us
have ever heard. That is the very thought that comes to mind as you listen to this song.
9- 20/20 VISION- Brilliant song with Ron on the piano! Another stand out track on this fine LP. His melodies and delivery are addictive.
He is most certainly one of the missing colors in the coloring box of crucial rock figures. such as LENNON, McCARTNEY, BARRETT,
I am not saying Ron is as great as any of these other artist I am saying HE MAY BE AS GREAT but none of us will ever get the
chance to know it. With these other artist (save Barrett) we got the chance to grow with them, each year brought us a new sound
that would forever associate with the adventures and mishaps of our very lives. But Ron was only with us for a small part on this
soundtrack of our lives and for that, I feel cheated! This man was too innovative to be allowed to let slip through the fingers of rock
history Some may disagree when they hear some of his music but as a musician myself I know that what happens is, often what the
world hears by an artist is his genius hidden behind the mask of compromise. This usually comes in the form of Production and
song selection. If Ron suffers from anything it would be compromise and if I am wrong forgive me but as great as he is on his LPs, I
think he would be greater without being produced in a way to make him fit with the latest studio sound. I hope he has home
10- KIDS OF AMERICA- Pre-new wave pop rock, This reminds me again of the post Hunter MOTT. I think this would have been more
radio friendly... WAIT! I have the 45 of this song and it is different! The 45 sounds like Ron brought a bunch of midgets and mongoloids
to sing the back up parts at the end. (Sorry, it may have been Ron's family and friends and I am sure they are all very nice folks even if
they were drunk while they sang along on this one). The LP version is clean, this could have been his radio song 1979.
11- SQUIDD- If the photo's on the LP cover were stills from a video this song would be that video. Ron is the pissy ROCK GOD on
this one and I keep waiting to hear him scream " HEY SLICK WITCH!!"
          JERRY                                                                  RIFF